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August 3, 2020

Aluminium Sliding Doors vs Stacker Doors

Aluminium doors make a striking impression. The aesthetics of the doors you choose is important but so too is the functionality; at Rylock Nunawading we are able to offer you a range of top-quality options that will look great, no matter what your architectural and interior style. Today we give you a brief overview of the difference between our aluminium sliding doors and our stacker doors.

Benefits of Aluminium Doors

  • Strong – aluminium is lightweight and strong
  • Durable – it won’t shrink, split, swell or warp
  • Affordable – it is a long-term investment that will need very little maintenance when compared to timber windows
  • Sustainable – aluminium is an infinitely recyclable material and a great ‘green’ option

Choosing your Aluminium doors

When choosing your doors, you need to consider the colour and size of the doors, your budget and the functionality of the space. Aluminium is versatile and your doors will be a design feature on their own – your aluminium doors will look sleek and stylish, suitable for both traditional and modern homes. The sleek, no-fuss elegance of aluminium makes it a favourite of minimalists too.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Most people are familiar with the functionality of a sliding door. Sliding doors are a fantastic option when it comes to opening up a space. They have a narrow profile and can fit within most wall types. You can opt for 2, 3 or 4-panel configurations. You can also fit fly screens to run on tracks within the doors outer frame. Sliding doors are an easy and budget-friendly way to open the indoors to the outdoors and also bring more natural light to your indoor living space.

Aluminium Stacker Doors

Stacker doors give you more control over how much space you want to open up. The extra sliding panels in stacker doors allow for wider thoroughfare when open. This is a popular option when allowing for an ease of flow between your indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. There is also the option to add flyscreens or security screens to stacker doors.

Sliding Doors vs Stacker Doors

Whether you choose stacker doors or sliding doors will depend on the size of the space you’re working with and how you envision its functionality. Sliding doors will look sleek and elegant – freshening up the indoor space with natural light. Stacker doors will give you more control over how much space you want to open – allowing for a grander, wider opening. This is a great benefit to those who like to entertain. The wider opening allows for easy flow of people and furniture from indoors to outdoors.

With all our aluminium doors, you can select the colour that fits with both the exterior of your home and indoor décor. Our aluminium doors are powder coated for a long-lasting finish and give you the flexibility to choose the perfect colour for your style.

Rylock Nunawading

At Rylock Nunawading we offer a wide range of aluminium door and window frames. We make your new build or renovation project easy, as our skilled team of technicians will measure, quote, design, custom build, and install your new products. Give us a call today to transform your home.

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