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Acoustic Series

Supplier of Quality Acoustic Doors & Windows for High Density Living & Sound Reduction, Melbourne

Maximise your privacy and reduce unwanted noise distractions with our specially created Acoustic Series.

The team at Rylock created the Acoustic Series after noticing an increased demand from home owners and builders looking for noise reducing solutions.

As population density increases, intrusive sound is now a common issue in suburban areas, and many councils specify minimum levels of noise reducing windows and doors in new homes, developments and major renovations.

The Acoustic Series has been tested by the CSIRO for performance and compliance. Each Acoustic Series window or door features primary and secondary glazing separated by a 100mm air gap. The exterior element features Rylock’s high performance seals, whilst inner glazing panels slide neatly within heavily sealed tracks, allowing for maximum noise reduction.

Acoustic Series Windows

Fixed Line (RW41): These fixed windows with no openings come in double or triple panel configurations and are the ideal stylish solution for noise reduction, environmental efficiency and daylight exposure.

Awning (RW44): with great ventilation control, these windows come in one or two panels, or three panels with a central fixed line window, offering great looks, flexible use and maximum noise reduction.

Casement (RW44): modern windows that come in singles, doubles or triples with fixed central panel, they open a full 90 degrees, offering excellent ventilation.

Sliding Window (RW44): Horizontal sliding window that offer great ventilation control and remain flush to the wall, perfect for high density living arrangements.

Counter Balanced Double Hung Windows (RW43): These provide the ultimate in ventilation, with openings at both top and bottom of the windows allowing warm and cool air to circulate efficiently. They come in single, double or triple with central panel options.

Acoustic Series Doors

Sliding Doors (RW45): bring the indoors outdoors with sliding doors, yet retain the option of privacy and seclusion when you choose with these stylish.

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