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Why Aluminium?

Why Aluminium


Rylock Windows & Doors are an aluminium window supplier, manufacturer and installer in Melbourne’s East. For over 27 years, we have been producing quality aluminium doors and windows throughout Blackburn, Nunawading, Melbourne and surrounds. All of our custom windows and doors are made using high quality aluminium.

Aluminium is a strong, local product with myriad benefits for the window construction industry. Some of these benefits include:


Aluminium is the second most used metal in the world, after iron. It is one of the top three naturally occurring elements in the Earth’s crust and over two-thirds of all aluminium ever used is still in circulation. Its adaptability means that aluminium can be recycled again and again without losing its unique properties, such as its strength, light weight and malleability.

Aluminium a highly recyclable product that can be alloyed with myriad other metals. It is a durable, strong and flexible metal that is perfect for custom window and door designs.

Impermeable and corrosion-resistant, we use aluminium in our custom doors and windows for products that last a lifetime.


All of Rylock’s products can be customised to reach your energy rating where required. Double-glazed aluminium windows help insulate temperature, retaining cool air in Summer and warm air during Winter.


Aluminium is strong and flexible, so it is great for design. Being lighter than steel, an aluminium door is lightweight without sacrificing sturdiness. If you have a special design in mind, or are looking for a large feature window, an aluminium product will be right for you.


Aluminium doors and windows do not swell, crack, split or warp. Aluminium is more resistant to the elements, such as water or wind. It cannot become infested, nor can it serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, mould, rot or rust. On top of this, all of our products, whether installed or supply-only, come with a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty. No matter what your Rylock product, you can be assured that it will be a long-lasting, low maintenance, high quality product.


Our powder coats and anodised finishes protect our products for longer. Rather than being painted after the fact, aluminium lets us colour our doors and windows during production. This means that the colour sticks to the aluminium longer, protecting and extending the lifespan of your Rylock product.


Rylock Windows & Doors are the leading manufacturers of custom aluminium doors and windows in Melbourne and its Eastern Suburbs. To talk to one of our representatives today, to arrange an on-site quote, or to order a custom aluminium window or door, contact us today.

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