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October 28, 2020

Double Glazed Windows for Noise Reduction

Rylock Eastern Double-Glazed Windows for Noise Reduction – Installing Windows That Keep the Noise Out

Soundproofing and noise reduction are some of the many benefits of a double-glazed window. Homeowners living in noisy areas such as on main roads or in built up areas are opting for such windows to reduce the noise they experience daily and increase the comfort of their homes.

Double glazed windows for noise reduction are becoming increasingly popular across Melbourne. Even if you aren’t living in a noisy area, you can still have double-glazed aluminium windows installed to give you a little extra peace; from the garbage truck reversing bright and early in the morning, those new town houses that are being built next door, or your favourite neighbour who loves a good power tool at 8am on a Sunday morning.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the relationship between glass and noise. We’ll also explain double-glazed aluminium windows with acoustic properties and why should you have these windows installed in your home.

Sound Transmission and Glass

Sound can travel through glass almost similarly as it travels through the air. Sound waves get transmitted through the glass via unbroken intermolecular bonds with more attenuation and at a faster speed. This is why we can still hear sounds or noises from outside through our glass windows. While the sound won’t be exactly at the same clarity of volume as you would hear it outside, many windows and doors don’t do a great job of keeping out the noise.

What’s an Acoustic Double-Glazed Window?

Acoustic double-glazed windows are similar to regular double-glazed windows, with extra attention placed on sound transmission. These windows feature sound-insulating properties on top of their typical thermal insulating properties.

A double-glazed unit is made up of two pieces of glass. These are separated by a gap – the size of the gap is determined by the thickness of the glass used. This gap is filled with argon gas, a gas that is denser than air. The density of argon gas makes it more difficult for soundwaves to travel through, reducing them as they pass through the glass.

Rylock Eastern acoustic windows feature primary and secondary glazing separated by a 100mm air gap. These windows also feature high performance seals, allowing for maximum noise reduction when the window is closed.

Wrapping It Up

Having double-glazed windows installed in your home can reduce the noise you experience on a day to day basis. Similarly, these windows can also keep your own family’s noise away from your neighbors, giving you increased privacy. Install Rylock Windows this summer and enjoy the benefits of noise reducing and thermally improved windows!

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