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Architectural Aluminium Series

AA Series: A stylish option for windows and doors

Rylock’s AA Series is a heavy duty, stylish and modern collection of windows and glass doors.

We offer a flexible range of options within the AA Series so you can be confident of finding the right style for your property. All of the AA Series come with a powder coated outer frame and the option of single or double glazing.

Each AA Series product features an inline reveal, ensuring the outer face of the timber reveal and the aluminium frame present a flat surface for fixing.

AA Series Window

Fixed Lite: smart, stylish windows with no open function that come in a range of styles and shapes, with a powder coated outer frame.

Super Lite: large, floor to ceiling, extra strong designer windows that are suitable for alignment alongside our door products.

Awning: high performing, versatile windows with chainwinders, engineered with stainless steel double action stays.

Bar Operated Casement: combining functional ventilation with a mechanical operator, and highly energy efficient, these windows contribute to a six star energy rating for your home.

Latched Casement: single or double casements that open with a latch, which are also very environmentally friendly and can be fitted with fly screens to keep unwanted critters at bay.

Horizontal Sliding Window: our premium sliding window product, with concealed sash, minimal exposed metal

Counter Balanced Double Hung: offering unparalleled ventilation, these cleverly designed windows offer top and bottom sashes operating simultaneously, allowing warm air to move through the upper opening while cooler air travels below.

Louvre Windows: especially designed for warmer, tropical climates, these high performance windows accommodate Breezway inserts and come with customised external fly screens for an elegant yet functional solution.

Specials: custom made windows to meet special requirements, including corner butt joints, triangular, round and arch windows, bifolds and others.

AA Series Doors

Sliding: these easy operation, high performance, great looking sliding doors will open up your living areas, and are available in two, three or four panels. These sliding doors can be integrated with architectural features and fitted with fly screens.

3 & 6 Panel Stacker Doors: with sliding, stackable panels for large openings, these doors perfect for modern homes with large timber entertaining decks. These stackers offer a variety of configurations and offer excellent security, and are fitted with fly screens as standard.

4 & 8 Panel Stacker Doors: for the ultimate in wide sliding doors, 4 & 8 Panel Stacker Doors have three rows of sliding panels – to span a maximum of 12 metres!

Bifold doors: a modern solution for indoor/outdoor living that completely folds away your doors when entertaining, and provide plenty of natural daylight and sturdy security when closed.

Custom doors: make a bold statement with a completely unique door designed and built by our team of experts. We also offer doors to unusual specifications and sizes as well as corner sliding or stacker doors, custom laundry doors and other specially made doors.

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