Single Glazed Series

SG Series: stylish, quality single glazed doors and windows

This collection of custom single glazing windows and doors offers lightweight, stylish solutions for your home.

Each SG Series product features an inline reveal, ensuring the outer face of the timber reveal and the aluminium frame present a flat surface for fixing. Reveals are supplied pre-primed, to ease in the painting process.

The inline reveal improves the energy efficiency, as the aluminium area to the interior is minimised. To increase energy efficiency and building comfort, a wide variety of high performance single glazing is available.

SG Series Windows & Doors

Horizontal Sliding: these effortless sliding windows offer the most effective ventilation and remain flush to the wall, ensuring safety for areas with high foot traffic.

Sliding: sturdy and slimline single glazed sliding doors that come with two, three or four panels, and can be fitted with fly screens.

Stacker: great for larger open spaces, the stacker doors come in three or six panel layouts, and offer smooth opening and closing motion and excellent sealing and security when closed and can be fitted with fly screens.

Bifold: perfect for entertaining, the multiple hinged mechanisms on these doors create largest possible opening for any door style. With between two and six panels, these doors can be configured to endless applications, and use Centor bottom-rolling hardware for ease of installation and movement.

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